Array sort( ) method and comparator in Javascript

  1. It sorts the array elements in ascending order by default.
  2. It does not return a new array. It modifies the original array itself to its sorted form.
  3. It casts all the array elements as strings and then sorts them based on UTF-16 code unit values of the first character in the string.
  4. It accepts a comparator function as an argument. Custom logic can be written within the comparator function to sort the array based on different kinds of criteria.
  5. 5. It performs a stable sort.

It sorts the array elements in ascending order by default

It modifies the original array itself

It sorts the array based on the UTF-16 code unit values (unicode)

It accepts a comparator as an argument

  1. Numeric array
  2. String array
  3. Objects array

Sorting a numeric array

Sorting an array of strings

Sorting object property values

It performs a stable sort

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